5 home modernisation tips

If your home feels a little out of date or you constantly feel like you need more space, you might be dreaming of planning in huge renovations in the future. Unfortunately, extensions and extensive renovations are not a feasible option for many of us – as they are expensive, time consuming and disruptive to our day to day lives. However, there are some ways you can modernise your space and create more room, even on the smallest budget.

Modernising will not only make your house more pleasant to live in but it may also increase its value when you come to sell. So, before you settle for what you have, here are five tips to modernising your home.

Use lots of glass

A lot of modern and airy builds make use of glass, simply by installing wall-sized windows. While tearing down a wall and replacing it with glass can be expensive and probably not ideal for a quick fix, there are other things you can do to your windows and doors to brighten up and modernise your space. Enhance your windows with light and bright fabrics, remove heavy blinds and pelmets, replace wooden internal doors with a safety glass options, or to give the illusion that your hallway is bigger open up your stairs with a glass balustrade.

Other tips include moving large pieces of furniture away from your windows and into areas where they won’t be blocking any incoming light and removing excess clutter. Carefully choose some decorative items instead of overloading a room with them and choose colours or other themes to refresh your decor.

Update your lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in the overall atmosphere and the ambience of your home. Opt for regular fixtures such as ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps but be creative with your lampshades and consider different bulbs, such as energy efficient ones. Just by simply changing these two minor details it will make the world of difference to how a room feels.

Streamline your storage

Not having enough storage is a constant battle for many of us, but choosing the wrong type of storage can make your home feel cramped. In order to modernise, try choosing storage that makes good use of vertical spaces. Slim shoe storage, hangers for coats and bookshelves can line your narrow halls. Not forgetting those small nooks such as under the stairs – you can transform this space into a cupboard with drawers. In your bedroom, turn alcoves in to built in wardrobes and get yourself a bed with under mattress storage – Divan Beds Centre for example, has a huge selection to choose from. Also, consider lighter wood finishes or colours to maximise the feeling of the space.

Create a living space that flows

Unless you favour the minimalist, clean and white look or live in a property that has been painted magnolia throughout, chances are every room within your house has been decorated differently. While it’s fun to express your personality through your home and experiment with colour, if you are looking to modernise having an array of dark or vibrant colours will make your home feel smaller. Instead, you should decorate in similar tones throughout and use colours to create a living space that flows.

Change your flooring

When it comes to flooring, swapping out a patterned carpet for lighter wood laminate or real wood can make a huge difference. Think about the function of the room and what type of floor would best suit it. Hardwood flooring and laminate always work well in living rooms and bedrooms accompanied by a big fluffy rug – which together create warmth within your room, especially in the winter. If you’re good at DIY, follow these tips and have a go yourself to create the perfect modern home.

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